How to Draw with Light and Shade
A step by step guide to simple drawing techniques.
How To Flipbook
Step by step guide to the simplest animation
How To Water Colour
A step by step guide to basic watercolour techniques
Famous Paintings Quiz
Are you Van Gogh or Botticelli?
Play as T rex and try to survive extinction
Fashion Quiz
Find out more about your style.
Clockwork tin toy
Put it back together to make it run
Stop Frame Animator
Stop frame animation is a way of creating movement from still images. Try it now.
Super Action Comic Maker
Make your own comic and send it to your friends
Picture Book Maker
Create a picture book with penguins and giraffes
Jewellery Designer
Design broaches and bracelets for celebrities
Explore Lino Printing
Explore the activity and design and make a new poster
Quicky Flicky
Flipbook animation. Movement with just two frames
Figure It Out
Improve your figure drawing and learn about proportion
Trees and Tides
Make sculpture on the beach or in the woods
Take the perfect shot and get past our editor
Paint Studio
Virtual mess or virtual masterpiece? it is up to you.
In The Gallery
Be an art critic in our modern or traditional galleries
Artist studio of the future with reactive materials
Stitch It Up
Create your own embroidered design
Games Gallery
Mix of arty games, well done if you get to level 3
Slip Decorator
Virtual pottery with virtual kiln to fire your work
Kinora Viewer
Early animation machine
Screen Printer
Cut stencils and print four colours