Get involved in the arts and share your skills!

If you’re ready to develop your arts experiences and skills, then this Level 1 national qualification is perfect for you.

Doing Arts Award Bronze means you will:

  • take part in an arts activity
  • experience and review an arts event
  • research your arts hero or heroine
  • share your arts skills with others

Anyone aged 7-25 can take part. Find out more at

There are lots of ways Culture Street can help you achieve Arts Award Bronze.

Here are a few examples:

Part A - Explore

Part A of Arts Award Bronze encourages you to take part in an arts activity.

There are lots of workshops on Culture Street to give you ideas for your own creative activity. Just click on workshops on the top menu and choose.

How to make a Flipbook

The simplest animation is just two frames. You can try this yourself with our downloadable How To activity which will guide you through the process step by step. You will have everything you need for this around the house. Once you have mastered making flipbooks, stop frame animation is simple and you will be ready to make your own films.

Part B - Find Out

Part B of Arts Award Bronze encourages you to find out about being part of an audience.

Take a look at how other young people have reviewed work they like as a starting point. You need to share all areas that you enjoyed and achieved for Arts Award, so it may include a review of artists and their work but will also include other aspects too.

One Small Step

With just two actors and junk from an attic One Small Step tells the entire story of the space race from the launch of Sputnik to Neil Armstrong's famous words.....all in about fifty minutes. The Oxford Playhouse production was a hit wherever it went and we got young people to review the play.

Part C - Share

Part C of Arts Award Bronze includes finding out which artist or arts practitioner inspires you?

There are lots of interesting interviews with artists in the stage, books, art and film sections. Remember artists can be actors, singers, designers, authors,filmmakers as well as illustrators, painters, sculptors. You could begin finding out about artists and their work here.

Joan Miró

Miró was one of the most famous painters of the twentieth century, but much less well known is his sculpture most of which was cast into bronze. We sent a group to find out more. They investigate Miró's sculpture, make a sculpture in wax and see it cast into metal, all as part of their Arts Award Bronze.

Part D - Share

Part D of Arts Award Bronze includes Arts apprenticeship - sharing my skills.

Take a look at how professional artists present a workshop as a starting point.

Louise Bradley

Artist Louise Bradley demonstrates a great range of drawing techniques with charcoal, wax crayon, rubbers and textured paper. The large scale group work is ambitious but very effective.