Start your arts adventure!

This introductory award is about taking part in arts activities and experiencing artists and their work. It’s all about seeing, trying, doing and enjoying new things.

Anyone aged up to 25 can take part. Find out more at

Doing Arts Award Discover means you will:

  • discover the arts all around you
  • take part in arts activities
  • discover artists and their work
  • share your arts discovery

There are lots of ways Culture Street can help you achieve Arts Award Discover.

Here are a few examples:

Part A - Take part in different arts activities

Try out some of the ‘Have a go’ activities to get you started. You could also use them to help identify a range of art forms and how they link to your life. You can also try our whole class ‘Workshops.’

Jewellery Designer

Is an interactive activity which will allow you to design and make your own virtual jewellery and then send your design to a friend. You can choose different shape moulds to cast your resin and even see your work worn by a celebrity.

Workshop with Found Materials

Is a whole class workshop led by Yorkshire sculpture Park and inspired by the work of land artist Andy Goldsworthy. Watch, go outside and collect and start making.

Part B - Find out about artists and their work

There are lots of interesting interviews with artists in the stage, books, art and film sections. Remember artists can be actors, singers, designers, authors, illustrators, painters, sculptors and many more! You could begin finding out about artists and their work here.

Jane Ray

Is a children's book illustrator who designed the illustrations for the book, Lost Happy Endings, in which the main character has a run in with a witch. Find out more about her life and work, and then you can see a review of the book by young people.

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy is a famous sculptor who makes sculpture from natural materials like stone, clay, ice, leaves and wood. Find out about his work here.

Part C - Share your arts discovery with others

Take a look at how other young people have reviewed work they like as a starting point. You need to share all areas that you enjoyed and achieved for Arts Award so it may include a review of artists and their work but will also include other aspects too.

Yinka Shonibare exhibition reviewed

We sent a class of reviewers to an exhibition by artist Yinka Shonibare. See what they think and then find out about an artist and review their work yourself. That could be an artist on CultureStreet or an artist exhibitiing work at your local museum or art gallery. They do not have to be famous for you to review them.

One Small Step reviewed

One Small Step tells the entire story of the space race from the launch of Sputnik to Neil Armstrong's famous words with just two actors and junk from an attic....all in about fifty minutes. We sent a group of young people to review the play. Would they like it? Were they impressed by the actors? If you went to see a play what questions would you ask?