Be inspired by the arts!

This Entry Level 3 qualification is all about finding out what inspires you, exploring artists and arts organisations, create your own art work and presenting your exploration.

Doing Arts Award Explore means you will:

  • take part in a range of arts activities
  • experience arts organisations and artists
  • create your own art
  • present your arts exploration

There are lots of ways Culture Street can help you achieve Arts Award Explore.

Here are a few examples:

Part A - Inspire

Part A of Arts Award Explore encourages you to take part in a range of arts activities and identify what inspires you.

Teachers could also use the workshops section to plan and deliver arts workshops.

Stop Frame Animator

Is an interactive activity which will allow you to make your own stop frame animation movie and then send your film to a friend. You can choose different backgrounds to set your character and add props, music and sound effects. It is your own virtual animation studio!

Part B - Explore

part B of Arts Award Explore encourages you to explore arts organisations, artists and their work.

What is Yorkshire Sculpture Park?

Here is an example of what young people found out about an arts organisation called Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

One of a series of films on Culture Street about Britain's arts organisations entitled, 'What is an arts organisation and what do they do'? See their film made as part of Arts Award and perhaps be inspired to make your own film about an arts event in your area.

Part C - Create

Part C of Arts Award Explore encourages you to make art work to express your creativity.


Why not take a look at our gallery, to see what other young people have made, to get you started?

Part D - Present

Part D of Arts Award Explore encourages you to present your work and progress to others.

There are a number of ways you could do this. Take a look at the various reviews by young people as a starting point. You need to share all areas that you enjoyed and achieved for Arts Award.

Pixilation animation workshop

This Year 5 group made an short animation film in a day and then presented it to their peers. Watch the sharing clip to see how that went.