Artists you should know

Artists you should know

Start by trying our interactive quiz and it will select an artist for you to investigate further.

Key Stage:

KS2,3&4 Art and Design


This lesson plan can be used:
To start an investigation into the work of an individual artist.
To develop ideas and understanding of processes and materials.
As part of study of significant and important female artists.
As part of study of significant and important British artists.
As part of individual study

Six women sculptors quiz

Each student should individually try our quiz. It will choose a female artist based on personal choices. There are six possible outcomes. Click on the image to start or give the students this link.

Six women sculptors quiz - The answers

There are six possible answers to their choices.

Louise Bourgeois
Rachel Whiteread
Dora Gordine
Barbara Hepworth
Maggi Hambling
Niki de Saint Phalle
Each artist has a separate worksheet with investigation questions.

Niki de Saint Phalle

Download Maggi Hambling.pdf

Development Activity:

You can look further in to the work of Dora Gordine with this film about her work made at Dorich House.
If you wish to develop that interest into practical activity there is a Lesson plan about clay sculpture on an armature which will help you work in a similar way to Dora Gordine.

You can investigate further the techniques used by Rachel Whiteread with our Lesson plan about casting with plaster.

Learning Objectives:

Pupils should increase their understanding of six prominent female sculptors. In addition students can gain knowledge and understanding of the work and approaches of artists, craftspeople or designers from contemporary and/or historical contexts, periods, societies and cultures.

Research, Notes and Links:

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